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Expansion to Optima Health

Optima Infusion expanded its facilities and services becoming Optima Health. Expands Specialty Pharmacy operations, adding new conditions and medications to these services. Implements Medication Adherence Program. Revalidates Joint Commission Accreditation.


New Programs

Medication Therapy Management (MTM) Program starts with 4 pharmacists certified by the American Pharmacists Association.




New Facilities

Relocation to a new facilities of approximately 8,000 ft2. Revalidates Joint Commission Accreditation. Its president, Dr. Mariely Díaz, receives the Award Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands Entrepreneur of the Year Award by the SBA.


Expansion of Facilities

A loan was granted by the Small Business Administration (SBA) and the Economic Development Bank of Puerto Rico for the purchase of a new local and expansion of its facilities.




Joint Commission

Achieves accreditation from the Joint Commission for the first time.



Signs contractual agreements with most medical health insurance on the island and increase the staff of employees. Creates a Department of Sales and Marketing.




Specialty Pharmacy

Starts offering Home Infusion and Specialty Pharmacy services.



Optima Infusion was founded.