The specialty pharmacy works with high-cost and prescription medications for patients with chronic or complex diseases.

Specialty medications require efficient delivery coordination in compliance with specific handling, storage, and distribution requirements. Optima Health has policies and procedures designed to improve patients’ clinical and financial outcomes. Our healthcare professionals are available to provide patient education, ensure proper medication use, promote adherence, provide clinical follow-up, and prevent unnecessary costs.


The most common conditions that require Specialty Medications are usually autoimmune or chronic inflammatory diseases.


(Automatic Refills)

You can authorize your refills to be processed before your medication runs out. Our case managers will take care of all communication with your physician and your health plan to make sure that you always have your medication available and that you use it properly.

Financial Assistance

If your plan denies your treatment or your copay is too high, we can help. We will verify whether you are eligible for financial assistance programs and counsel you on the different programs available, such as co-payment cards from manufacturers or foundations and/or non-profit organizations.

Clinical Programs

At Optima Health, we know how to take better care of you. We have Certified Specialty Pharmacists (CSP) responsible for ensuring the correct dispensing of medications, performing the initial clinical evaluation, providing patient education, and training in the use of self-injectable medications, clinical follow-up, among other services.

  • Clinical Program for Chronic Inflammatory Diseases (CID)
  • Clinical Program for HepatitisC
  • Clinical Program for Osteoporosis

Medication Administration

If you don’t know how or have any questions regarding your self-injectable medication administration, we can help you. Optima Health has a nursing team trained in medication administration and will gladly provide you with counseling, support, and education.

If you’re tired of long waits at hospitals or offices to administer your specialty intravenous medication, we are your best alternative. The medication administration service can be carried at our Infusion Centers or in the comfort of your own home.

Specialty Hub

For over 15 years, we have managed the necessary processes for optimal specialty medication therapy, by ensuring access and adherence to treatment. We provide our expertise to manufacturers, health plans and PBMs in the following areas:

  • Benefit and medical order management
  • Pre-authorizations, reimbursements, and access to medication
  • Support, adherence, persistence, and patient assistance programs
  • Delivery and distribution of Limited Distribution Drugs (LDDs)
  • Ancillary supplies and assistance with medication administration
  • Financial assistance and copay management
  • Reports
  • Regulatory Requirements and REMS
  • Clinical Programs with therapeutic goals

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We accept most health insurance plans, Vital, and Medicare Advantage.